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Tennis Tip: How to Hit a Drop Shot

How to hit a drop shot girl at net

The drop shot can be a lethal shot if hit correctly and at the right time. This shot is when you hit a ball over the net, and it lands in the opponent’s court so short over the net that the opponent should not be able to get there before the ball bounces twice. At Nike Tennis Camps, players can learn the technique of this difficult shot as well as when to use and when not to.

The Technique

  • Grip: When hitting a drop shot, the best grip to use is the continental grip. This is the same grip used to hit a volley or a slice as it allows you to hit the ball out in front in order to control the spin and placement.
  • Swing path: The drop shot’s swing path is very similar to a slice, however, the backswing is much shorter. You will want to open the face of your racquet and really swing under the ball. In doing so, you hit a softer shot with more feel that will allow the ball to have backspin and sidespin to bounce away from your opponent.

When to Use It

  • When your opponent is out of position: During rallies, it is very easy for your opponent to get out of position, especially if they are getting tired and slow.
  • When you have been hitting with power: The drop shot is so effective during rallies or during multiple spells of rallies. The point is to catch your opponent when they least expect it, especially when they have been comfortable rallying with power from the baseline.
  • When you want to approach the net: You can also force your opponent to play at the net. Whether they are not comfortable at the net or you just want to approach the net and try to decide the point there, this is a great way to bring play up close.

When Not to Use It

  • When you are out of position: Using this shot when your opponent is out of position, tired or moving backwards is best. Therefore, you do not want to try and use this shot while you are out of position. Hitting this shot even remotely well depends on balance, technique and focus.
  • The importance of rarity: If you end up hitting this shot too often, your opponent will be able to anticipate it and there quickly to attack the short ball.

The drop shot can be such a useful shot if hit well and used at the right time. Be sure to practice it against your next opponent to win that next crucial point. Check out more tennis drills and tips to improve your game!

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