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3 Steps to Improve Your Tennis Serve

The serve is the most critical and valuable shot in tennis. A strong serve will allow you to ace your opponent and quickly win a point. While on the other hand, a weak serve allows your opponent the opportunity to aggressively return the ball and dictate the point. And worst case scenario, inconsistent serves can lead to double faults, handing your opponent a free point.

The serve is the only shot in tennis that you have complete control over. You have the luxury of dictating where you place the tennis ball, how you spin it, and how fast you hit, allowing you to end the point before your opponent has even touched the ball.

In this video tennis tip, Nelson Banes, Director of Tennis at Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona, and Nike Tennis Camps Director, teaches and demonstrates 3 steps to help improve your tennis serve, so you can elevate your game to the next level.

3 Steps

  1. Put down your racquet and grab a tennis ball. Go to the baseline like you're ready to serve. you put the ball in your racquet hand. Mimic a serve, rotate to your back toe and throw the ball into the service box. Once you feel balanced and comfortable getting the ball over the net, move to step 2.
  2. Next, go grab your tennis racquet but with no ball. Go to the baseline and mimic a serve. Now with your racquet in hand, mimic throw of the ball you did in step 1.
  3. Finally, grab a ball with your racquet. Go to the baseline and get into your service stance. Once again, do the practice motion of throwing over the net. Once you feel comfortable and balanced, throw the ball and hit your serve.

Nelson Banes is the Director of Tennis at Enchantment Resort and a former NCAA All-American and ATP Professional. Recognized as one of the country’s most prominent coaches, Banes has coached on both the ATP and WTA tours. In addition to his on-court success, Banes is also an award-winning producer and director for his tennis documentary “Inside Tennis” for the Tennis Channel.

For more great tennis tips and instruction from Nelson Banes, join the fun in Sedona this summer at the junior or adult Nike Tennis Camp at Enchantment Resort.

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