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Volleyball Tip: 3 Passing drills you can do at home

Volleyball at home passing drill

As a volleyball player, we know that every day matters in becoming the best athlete we can be and taking a day off is never in question. However, sometimes a net is not always accessible during school breaks making it a little difficult to work on your game. But, did you know that there are many drills that allow you to refine your skills by using just your bedroom wall, living room, and even your garage? Here are 3 passing drills Nike Volleyball Camp players use to help them gain more ball control while at home.

Passing in various movements:

For this helpful idea, all you will need is a volleyball and yourself. You can start by passing to yourself stationary, which will help you focus on your passing form. Beginner players can start passing while shuffling left and then right to start introducing movement. As you get more comfortable, you can start walking around to help you focus on your control, while eventually moving up to a run.

For more advanced athletes, some players will try passing the ball while skipping. To add in a little difficulty, try passing the ball while pivoting. This means keeping one-foot stationery, while you are moving around. This is to help increase your focus and control while you are moving around.

Passing against a wall:

When you don’t have a partner, sometimes a wall can be helpful. Many campers have found use in passing against a wall in their back yard, garage, and in the house. This drill allows you to get feedback on your passing control and keeps you focused on your proper passing form. As the ball comes back off of the wall, you want to try to keep the ball up every time. Set a goal before this drill starting with 5 passes in a row and keep increasing the number every time you reach it. To increase the difficulty of this drill, you can place marks on the wall with black tape and practice passing to that mark.

Partner Drill:

When you do have a partner, you can always pepper (bump, set, hit), but sometimes it is nice to have a variety of drills. One drill you can do is to pass back and forth and test out the different types of passes. For example, you can change up from a quick pass to a low pass. Your partner could even throw in a lofty high pass to change up the difficulty. This variation will continue to keep you on your toes as well as help you gain more ball control.

The next time you find yourself with 15 minutes in between homework or chores, use these simple drills to help keep your passing skills refined and ready for your upcoming season. For more helpful at home volleyball tips and drills join us this summer at a Nike Volleyball Camp!

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