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The Nike Tennis Camp in Amherst has moved to Mount Holyoke College! This camp has played host to thousands of campers over the years and is directed by 2018 Massachusetts Coach of the Year, Mike Gardner.

If you are looking for the All Skills Camp, please click here: https://www.ussportscamps.com/holyoke-all-skills

If you are looking for the Tournament Training or Tournament Challenge Camps, please click here: https://www.ussportscamps.com/holyoke-tournament

This Camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by local Board of Health. Parents/Guardians will have the right to review background check, healthcare and discipline policies and grievance procedures upon request.

Camp Coaches

  • Amhert Mike Gardner Headshot

    Camp Director Mike Gardner

    In his 33rd year as a Nike Tennis Camp Director, Mike Gardner brings years of experience and dedication to junior tennis development.

    View Mike Gardner's Bio & Tennis Tips
  • Ryan Holmes Bio

    Co-Directior Ryan Holmes

    Coach Holmes has been a Nike Tennis Camp coach for over 10 years and is currently the girls tennis Head Coach at Groton School.

    View Ryan's Bio

Camp Reviews

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Overall Average Rating 4.67 / 5 Stars
    • 5/5.
    Fantastic time at camp!

    August 2, 2021: The activities were well planned and allowed the kids to get to know each other. My son had a fantastic time on the courts, but also a blast off the courts!

    — Cecillia O., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Wonderful Camp!

    August 1, 2021: Caitlin had the best time! She loved her time on the courts and off. The evening activities sounded so fun and great. It was so well organized and ran so smooth. Such a wonderful camp!

    — Erin S., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Great time on and off the court

    July 31, 2021: Ben had a great time on the court and off. He had a real camp experience and he looks forward to another summer camp with Nike next year.

    — Julie G., Parent

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    • 5/5.
    Thank you for a great 2 weeks!

    July 31, 2021: Marion absolutely loved her 2 weeks at camp. She made great friends and loved how it was tennis and activities and fun friends. She loved living in a dorm and she thought that Ryan was amazing. She wants to come back next year. Thank you on all.

    — Wendy W., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Check-in could have been more organized, but everything else was excellent

    July 31, 2021: Maya enjoyed her time at Mount Holyoke. The check in process could use more oversight. It would have been helpful to have the counselors available on the dorm floors to greet families and campers and to answers questions. As a first time camper the time between checking in and first activity felt unstructured which can be stressful to a new camper, especially when attending without a friend. Everything else about the program was excellent. Thank you. Maya will be back next summer.

    — Amy M., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Would have enjoyed more singles play

    July 28, 2021: Dean had fun with the one point tournament and ping pong. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. The evening activities were good to engage with other kids and have fun off the court. Dean would have enjoyed more singles tennis play.

    — Mari J., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Just what my daughter needed!

    July 27, 2021: She loved the instructors and the other campers. She enjoyed the tennis practice. Movie night and dance night were her favorite evening activities. She liked how the instructors were fair and safe, but also kind and not overly strict. This was a welcome break after a long covid year - just what my daughter needed! She wants to return for additional weeks next year!

    — Carolyn G., Parent

    • 5/5.
    We will be back next year!

    July 25, 2021: Harper loved being on campus - it was her first experience in a college dorm type scenario and she loved the feeling of being in her own room. The full day of tennis was just what we were looking for - she was tired every evening for sure. Food was good and the counselors were FUN ! We will be back next year!

    — Dana B., Parent

    • 5/5.
    LOVED camp and can't wait to return

    July 24, 2021: Riley LOVED camp and can’t wait to return. She had so much fun and learned tons too. She met amazing friends. Thank you for taking such good care of her!

    — Laurin S., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Love everything about this camp

    July 18, 2021: Henry loves everything about this camp and enjoys it every year. He loves the tennis instruction and coaching, but also raves about the activities and the kids he meets. There's always seems to be a nice group of new kids he befriends, and fun and friendly coaches he likes who keep coming back each year.

    — Sarah H., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Time at camp was life changing

    July 17, 2021: Scarlett gained a tremendous amount of experience that began with terrific coaching, shout out to Ryan & team for their wisdom, funny anecdotes & helpful tennis tweaks. Her game overall, her serves, volleys in particular she developed more, learned to manage tourney angst, gained usable tools and grew in her mental strength on the court. I can't say enough about how well rounded and life changing her time was...thank you all for your teaching, grace, patience & laughter.

    — Suzane M., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Improved my tennis skills and made new friends at camp!

    July 17, 2021: Anders had fun, enjoyed the variety of activities on and off the court, feels confident he improved his game, made new friends, and thought the counselors were approachable, nice and fun. Everyone at camp made him feel comfortable and encouraged him as he worked on some of the basic skills (serve technique, top spin, etc.) that will help him elevate his natural talent. As a parent, this meant a lot to me!

    — Lisa N., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Really great experience!

    July 5, 2021: Ryan loved being able to play tennis 6 hours a day! He enjoyed living in the dorms, getting to meet other kids who love tennis as much as he does, evening activities, play ping pong. He had a really great experience

    — Elizabeth M., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Made lifelong friends at camp!

    July 3, 2021: Camp introduced her to tournament play and the importance of not just drilling but getting match play experience as well. Sarah also loved the camp atmosphere and being introduced to teens that are like minded (i.e. passionate about tennis but also just being active). She expects (hopes) to stay in touch with many of the campers she formed bonds with the past two weeks for years to come.

    — Seth F., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Enjoyed focusing on tennis!

    July 3, 2021: Larkin really enjoyed the opportunity to exclusively focus on her tennis among other people who were passionate about the sport.

    — Lori G., Parent

    • 5/5.
    First overnight camp was a success!

    June 27, 2021: She had great fun at the camp. She enjoyed the tennis lessons, meeting and playing with new people, and the fun evening activities. She is vegetarian, so we weren't sure if she'd have enough to eat. But she was raving about the food as well. This is her first overnight camp. After her experience, this definitely won't be her last.

    — Ananya R., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Thank you so much!

    June 26, 2021: She had SO much fun - the experience of living on a college campus for a week, coupled with the responsibilities and autonomy she was given, are lifelong skills (they may outweigh the tennis skills!). I'm really grateful for this time she had -- thank you so much!

    — Lori M., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Excited for to return next year!

    June 26, 2021: Juliana is really excited about returning next year. She wants to do two weeks next year, and really enjoyed the whole experience. She said she was pretty tired the first couple of days but once she got used to the schedule it was really fun.

    — Daniel S., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Played a ton of tennis against good competition

    June 26, 2021: Good experience being away from home. Was easy to make friends. Played a ton of tennis against good competition.

    — Leo G., Camper

    • 5/5.
    Loved the instruction and coaches

    July 3, 2019: My girls came home so excited about their week at Amherst College Nike Tennis Camp. Loved the tennis instruction and coaches. Plan to return next year and have started lessons at home to continue to build their new skills.

    — Barbara M. - Parent

    • 5/5.
    Improved tennis skills and had a blast

    July 25, 2019: Our daughter had a blast! During her two weeks at Nike Tennis Camp at Amherst this summer, she said she improved on a number of tennis skills and also had a ton of fun! She will be back next year for SURE! Thank you !

    — Jen B. - Parent

    • 5/5.
    Amazing staff

    July 29, 2018: Mike Gardner is a unbelievable coach and the entire staff at Amherst where amazing in helping my daughter grow to become the best tennis player possible!!!

    — Charles A. - Parent

    • 5/5.
    Enjoyed every minute

    August 7, 2018: My son and a friend attended as day campers. When I picked them up the first evening, they were SO excited. Said that they had already learned things that improved their game, just on first day! The week went by very quickly, they worked hard and enjoyed every minute. There was NO grumbling about getting up early to go to camp, in fact they often beat me out to the car in the morning!

    — Doris B. - Parent

    • 5/5.
    Will definitely return

    August 11, 2018: My daughter loved the drills and competition done in a fun way. Evening activities were varied and enjoyable. Beautiful setting, great food, fun campers and improved skills. Will definitely return.

    — Loren L.

    • 5/5.
    Came for the last 3 years

    August 17, 2017: Sarah has come to Nike Tennis camp at Amherst for the last 3 years. She looks forward to meeting old and new friends every year while enjoying a sport she loves.

    — Sarah H. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Loved the overall experience

    August 21, 2017: Julia loved the overall experience: great coaching, clean and safe environment and great people!

    — Julia T. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Much better dorm

    September 20, 2017: Much better dorm this year!!!!!!

    — Dylan M. Camper

    • 5/5.
    been going to Amherst for 5 years now and could not be happier!

    August 18, 2016: Mike Gardner and the amazing experience Nike provides has had Ashley returning year after year to Amherst. She has been going to Amherst for 5 years now. We could not be happier! Mike Gardner is an exceptional coach and a wonderful person. We thank him for all that he has done for our daughter and others over the years!

    — Katy E. Parent

    • 5/5.
    loved the camp! Thank you!

    August 17, 2016: I am writing on Kit's behalf (I am her mother and she has told me how great the camp was). She is a senior in high school so next summer she will be too old really. She loved the camp! Thank you! I will be signing up my younger daughters. Have a great end of summer. You deserve it!

    — Amanda M. Parent

    • 5/5.
    loved the camp and always felt safe, comfortable and happy

    August 11, 2016: My son loved the camp and always felt safe, comfortable and happy. It was a great first overnight experience. We usually travel a lot over the summer, but decided to have him do this camp in between. Thank you.

    — Teresita B. Parent

    • 5/5.
    loved the tennis and evening activities

    July 27, 2016: My two kids went to camp for one week this year. They loved the amount and level of tennis, as well as the evening activities.

    — Kristen M. Parent

    • 5/5.
    terrific experience and enjoyed the tennis instruction

    July 27, 2016: Eleanora had a VERY bad cold and mild fever. The staff was nice but I was concerned about her well being and I would have preferred that a nurse/medical professional check in with her during her stay to ensure that she was ok and that she remained hydrated. Despite the cold, she had a terrific experience and enjoyed the tennis instruction + after hours programming. I am sure that she will be back in 2017. Thank you.

    — Ursula A. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Special thanks

    July 26, 2016: Special thanks to Mike Gardner and his wife. Excellent Director and Nurse. Immediate feedback on every issue.

    — Marta F. Parent

    • 5/5.
    food was really good

    7/26/2016 - Food was really good and I had an AMAZING time.

    — Penelope D. Camper

    • 5/5.
    more high school options

    7/26/2016 - Would like more high school week options earlier in July.

    — Hunter N. Camper

    • 5/5.
    need to improve the food

    7/6/2016 - Improve the food. My son didn't love it this year. But, other than that, no complaints.

    — Cheryl W. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Loved it! Counselors were awesome

    7/5/2016 - Loved it!!! Counselors were awesome! I want to come back next summer.

    — Drew D. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Great instruction and fun activities at night

    8/17/2015 - I went to the Nike tennis camp at Amherst College. I thought the staff was very qualified, made camp a lot of fun, but also set high standards for us. The instruction was great! We did fun activities at night too. One night we did skits, we went to the movies another night, and we had a dance night, too. If I were to change anything about the camp, it would be to locate the dorm a bit closer to the courts.

    — Sean P. Camper

    • 5/5.
    had a great time

    8/11/2015 - Sarah had a great time! She couldn't stop talking about it. The instruction was great and she loved the new friends that she made. Thank you!

    — Karin S. Parent

    • 5/5.
    food was average, but camp was fine

    8/1/2015 - The food was average and the salad bar always too crowded for the time allotted. Most of the counselors were good, but a few acted like they didn't want to be there. Overall the camp was fine and I did learn some drills that will be helpful to improve my game.

    — Christopher B. Camper

    • 5/5.
    improved her tennis game and had a lot of fun

    7/24/2015 - My daughter Emilia stayed at the camp for three weeks this summer and her experience was great! She made good improvements in her tennis game, but what's most important she had a lot of fun and enjoyed the whole experience.

    — Bartosz A. Parent

    • 5/5.
    staff and activities are always exciting and engaging

    7/16/2015 - I really enjoyed coming to camp this year and I am already excited to attend next year. The staff and activities are always exciting and engaging, which makes the experience even more fun.

    — Allison T. Camper

    • 5/5.
    My daughter will go back again and again!

    7/15/2015 - My daughter loves the camp and all the staff and especially the director Mike Gardner. He is a great director and a coach!!!!! My daughter will go back again and again!!!

    — Nicole M. Parent

Nike Tennis Camp at Amherst College - Moved to Mount Holyoke College

Mike Gardner, Camp Director
50 College St
Amherst, Massachusetts 01075
Questions? Call 1-800-645-3226
Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm PST

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