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Presented by Joel Green, Camp Director
Nike Basketball Camp RiverWinds Community Center

How to Box Out in Basketball with 4 Easy Tips

Nike basketball tip blocking out at nike basketball camp

One of the most important factors in basketball is the battle for rebounds after missed shots. Whether you are on offense or defense, gaining position and securing possession of the ball increases your team’s chances of winning. Many people think you need to be tall or jump high to be a good rebounder, but in fact, some of the best rebounders are the smaller players who can effectively position themselves prior to the rebound happening. We call this skill boxing out.

Boxing out is a skill that can help set you apart from the competition, but it does require practice just like any other part of your game. These tips for boxing out commonly taught at Nike Basketball Camps will be help you take your game to the next level!

1. Communicate after a shot

If you see a shot being taken, yelling “SHOT!” is one way to let your teammates know the ball is headed towards the basket. Communicating will help your teammates who did not see the shot get ready to rebound. When you hear “SHOT!” your ears should perk up and you should think “where can I box out?”.

2. Locate your man/woman and make contact

At the same time, a shot is put up, you need to find the player closest to you and make contact with them so that you know where they are, and so your eyes can track the ball to the basket. Everyone needs to know who they are responsible for guarding so that nobody from the other team can slip through untouched and grab an easy rebound.

3. Seal the player in an athletic position

You have made contact with the opponent and are watching the ball. Now, you must seal them off with your body so that you are in between them and the basket. You want to be in an athletic stance which means your feet are wide, knees are bent, and arms are extended out to the side. It is important to stay low while you seal so that the opponent is not able to push you to the side and get around. Maintain contact with your opponent so you know where they are. If you feel them trying to move around you, shuffle left or right to keep your position between them and the basket.

4. Back down away from the hoop

Once you have the opponent sealed, you can begin to push them away from the basket. This will create space in front of you where you can explode to the ball once it comes off the basket. Even if you do not secure the rebound, you have backed your opponent out of the play and created space for your other teammates to grab the rebound.

Boxing out is easier said than done. It can be difficult to prevent an opponent from getting around you without being able to see them, but you will get better at feeling them move if you practice these tips. Don’t let your size scare you from boxing out bigger players! Get in position and push around the bigger kids!

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