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Practice, Practice, Practice!

The driving range is the perfect place for golfers to work on new techniques and master their skills. Even without course-play, many golfers can continuously improve their skills without even stepping foot onto the first hole. This is where driving range drilling comes into play. Below are listed a few drills that allow you to practice effectively and overall lower your score. If you would like tips like this and more, check out our Nike Junior Golf Camps!

1. Same Club, Different Targets

One club doesn’t mean only one distance. Many of the clubs in your golf bag can be used in different ways that can work towards your advantage. For this specific drill, “Same Club, Different Targets”, you have the ability to get a feel for how far or how short you can hit it. The goal of this drill is to become comfortable with the club that is in your hand and use it to benefit your score. In this drill, use the same club and aim for multiple targets that are different distances. This will help you shave off or add yards to your shot by using the same club. For example, take your 6- iron and try to hit it 160 yards, then 150, 130, 115, and lastly 100. Try and do these with each club when you are at the driving range and you will begin to learn how far or short you can hit each and every one of your clubs.

2. Tempo Variations

Awareness is everything when you are on the course. Therefore, the best time to practice while under pressure is the driving range. When you are on the course, your tempo may fluctuate when you are under pressure and encounter difficult situations. In this drill, we will be working on your tempo. Start off by hitting your shots at 25% tempo, then 50%, 75%, and lastly 100%, to learn your optimal tempo. Once you learn what tempo you are best at, when you are on the course can adjust your shot to become aware of the changes in your tempo. By dialing in on your tempo at the driving range, you will learn how to remain calm in high-pressure situations and hit each shot at a consistent tempo.

3. Tension Variations

Another variable that alters golfers' swing when on the course is their variation in tension. When under pressure, golfers tend to tense up and overgrip their club, which can result in a poor shot. Most of the time, this may be caused by nervousness or overthinking about your score and overall take a toll on your score. In this drill, vary your grip pressure by gripping the club as tight as you can and take a shot. After each shot loosen your grip using the scale of 1-10 (10 being very tight and 1 being very light). After running through each shot, make note of when tension works best for you and remind yourself while swinging to use that number.

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