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Be ready when the gun goes off-Tips to maximize your race start

Start Of A Race

The starting line at a race is an aspect of competitive running that cannot be overlooked. Your good start can provide you with the initial spark that sets the tone for how you plan to run the rest of the race. Here are some tips that can help you maximize your start.

1.Time to Prepare:

Show up to the race with enough time to adjust to the surroundings. If you show up too close to race time it will cause a need for panic.  If you show up with enough time you can familiarize yourself with the race start and get in the right mindset prior to the start.


Have a strong warm up routine. This can include muscle stretching, visualization, and positive self-talk. Do an easy jog or march in place for a few minutes to get your blood moving and muscles well oxygenated.

3.Find a good start spot and maintain focus:

The start of a race can often be chaotic. Large amounts of people can make it easy to trip if you are not focused. Find a spot where you know you will have room to begin your strides without tripping on another runner. Your focus needs to be high, watch other runners and discarded items.

4.Stay Calm:

The start of a race can bring all kinds of nerves and excitement. Try your best to relax and avoid feeling anxious. Some runners listen to music, stretch, or even mediate prior to a race. 

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