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Post-run Recovery

Some runners overlook the importance of recovery. However, recovery is not an inconvenience, it is mandatory. Instead of rushing to your next event or saying to yourself that it isn't necessary, follow these steps in order to maximize recovery and ultimately make you a better runner for a longer period of time. This running tip is provided by Nike Running Camps for its runners.

Running Tip: Post-Run Recovery

Recovery during Run

The first step towards recovery actually takes place during your run
Limiting unnecessary damage is very important
Your runs must consist of both jogging and walking at a continuous pace

Stretch Thoroughly

Make sure to stretch immediately after your run
Don’t jump back into your car and head off
Cool down periods allow for the lactic acid to be flushed out into your bloodstream and out of your body

Eat Properly

After a workout, make sure that one of your next two meals is heavy in protein
Your muscles must be fed in order to rebuild themselves
Make sure that your meals include minerals (greens)


Constant hydration is crucial for recovery
Drink water before and after runs
Drink lots of water throughout the day (8-10 glasses)


It is important to rest after strenuous runs
You must let your body rest or you will experience burnout
A good night’s sleep is also important

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