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Presented by Lisa Lancaster, Director

Presented by Tim Byram, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Endicott College

3 Tips For Best Volleyball Pre-Game Preparation

Nike Voleyball Camp Tip Match Preparation

Preparing for a big game camp be stressful. That's important to prepare in a way that will make you, and your team, most confident when they hit the courts on game day. Here are 3 tips from our Nike Volleyball Camp directors and some of what we go over at our all skill and advanced volleyball camps.

1. "Create a routine you're comfortable with and stick to it. Treat every match the same, and you'll develop great habits. The idea isn't to eliminate butterflies before a big match but to get them all flying in the right direction!" - Tim Byram, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Endicott Collegev

2. "Focus on your job and responsibilities close to game time as opposed to the other team." - Sean Keeve Assistant Volleyball Coach at Butler University

3. "Visualization is a great way to prepare for matches. Visualize yourself making moves on the court, making your defensive drops, covering and watching hitters, communicating with teammates. The more comfortable you are with visualizing your on-court responsibilities, the higher chance of you successfully making them when needed." -Lisa Lancaster Head Volleyball Coach at Lyford High School, Texas

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