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4 Tips for Setters

4 Tips For Setters

Setting can be tough, both mentally and physically in volleyball. As a setter, it's your job to getting the second touch on the ball and put the ball in the right position for a hitter. You have to be able to read your team, and see who has the best chance of success when getting the ball over the net. You are a leader on your team and source of guidance on the court. It is your responsibility to stay focused and know what is best for your team.  Here are 4 tips that are taught at our volleyball prospect camps.

1. Communication is key

As a setter you have the best view of the court. Since you can see everything going on, its your job to communicate with your team and let them know how they can improve. Tell your back-row hitters if they are not passing the balls high enough, or your hitters if they are jumping too early. You should also take time to talk with them and ask them how you can improve on your end. Ask them if they would prefer the ball to be set farther or faster. When you have an open line of communication, your team will be able to work out problems and address them when they come up. The best teams have the best communication.

2. Know your hitters

Take time to observe and work with your hitters. Understand their strengths and weaknesses. Recognize who your go-to hitters are in a crisis. The more you understand how your hitters work, the better a setter you will be for them.

3. Don’t be afraid to change it up

If your hitters are having an off day, or the opposing team is returning everything sent over the net, change it up. You can do this easily by dumping the ball or tipping it over the net instead of setting a hitter.

4. Cover your hitters.

After you set your hitters, your job is not done. Coaches want setters who are always ready to jump into action. It's part of your job to also cover your hitter on a block. Without it, your hitters will have little insurance of passing the ball over. 

In any position in volleyball there are roles that one takes on. As a setter your role is to be the best you can for your team. Read more volleyball tips and attend a Nike Volleyball Camp this summer to help improve your game. 

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