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Presented by Lisa Lancaster , Director
Nike Volleyball Camp San Antonio

6 Tips To Help You Become a More Powerful Volleyball Hitter

Volleyball How To Hit Harder

Learning to increase the power behind your hit can be the difference between a point gained or lost. Putting extra work in, on and off the court, can elevate your game and give you that extra edge as a hitter. Her are 6 hitting tips from Lisa Lancaster, one of our top Texas volleyball camps directors, to help you hit the ball harder.

  • Timing- Timing is everything. Learning proper timing and when to speed up or slowdown is invaluable as a hitter. Repetitions will help with muscle memory of your approach, so work with different tempos off the net & variations with footwork. This can be anything from transitioning off middle to outside, outside to quick middles or 32 huts, middle to C slides, etc.
  • Contact- If you want to generate the most power you can out of an attack, you have to make sure your contact is solid. Use every bit of your hand. If you miss-hit, use a closed (no space between fingers) hand.  If your hand isn’t tight/solid then your swing won’t be as effective.
  • Strong Core- Having a strong core and being able to tuck in (trunk flexion) while swinging will generate more power.
  • Fast Arm- Make sure you rip quick with your swing, fast arm=fast ball.
  • Perfect Your Approach- Make sure your approach is correct, your legs are loaded, and generate momentum with your arms while you explode- it’ll all come together.
  • Resistance Training- Doing resistance band exercises will also help strengthen rotator cuffs and trunk flexion, which can assist in generating more power and quicken your swing.

Looking for more tips to help improve your game? Check our more volleyball tips and drills and join us at  Nike Volleyball Camp this summer. 

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