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Presented by Audrey Goldsberry, Camp Director

3 tips to Improve Your Volleyball Serve Receiving

How To Improve Serve Receiving

Receiving the serve in volleyball is an essential part of the game that many players struggle to perfect. If you are looking to improve your serve receiving skills, check out the three tips below from Audrey Goldsberry, head volleyball coach at Southeastern University and Director of the Nike Volleyball Camp at Southeastern University

Goldsberry emphasizes that strong communication is the key to improving your serve receiving. She advises players to follow these three important tips to help improve their serve receiving. By following her recommendations, players can become more effective on the court, more supportive teammates, and boost their confidence during competition.

3 Tips for Volleyball Serve Receiving:

  1. Before the ball is served, tell yourself that the ball is coming to you so that you are mentally and physically prepared to receive and return effectively and efficiently.
  2. Make sure to call the ball as yours quickly after it is served to you. Many players create a bad habit by waiting until the last minute to call the ball or by not calling the ball at all. This can lead to an ace (point for the other team) or a collision between two players, which can be easily avoided with communication.
  3. When the ball comes to another player, support them vocally by letting them know it is coming, and support them physically by being ready to react to where the ball will be passed.

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