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Beach Volleyball for Beginners

Beach Volleyball For Beginners

Beach volleyball is a fun sport for players of all skill levels looking to enjoy some sun and sand year around. In order to play and enjoy beach volleyball it is important to learn the basics and build on a solid foundation. This helpful guide includes tips commonly taught at beach volleyball camps, which can help new players learn to love the sport and enjoy the game.

Know the set up.

Beach volleyball consists of only two players on each side. The court itself is 16x8 meters, which is smaller than a regulation size indoor volleyball court. The biggest difference between indoor and beach volleyball is the court floor. Because beach volleyball is played on sand where movements will become slower and vertical jump height will become shorter. Sand can be difficult to move on, which can cause you to become tired more easily. Running on the beach, practicing smaller steps, and moving laterally on the sand as much as possible will help you build your endurance outside of practice.


With the combination of sand, movement and sun, it is important that the right clothing is worn during beach volleyball. Many beach volleyball players prefer to wear breathable or loose clothing like tank tops and shorts, which can keep you cool and are easy to move quickly in.

For footwear, players tend to play barefoot. However, because beach volleyball is normally played outside, the sand can get hot and potentially injure your feet. Sand socks are a great way to prevent burns, help keep your feet cool, and allow you to get proper footing in the sand.

The most important item to have is the beach volleyball itself. When comparing the ball to an indoor volleyball the size is much bigger, the weight is much lighter, and it is softer to the touch. These qualities allow for longer hang time in the air, giving the player more time to react to the ball.


In beach volleyball there are no specialized positions, as there are only two people on each side of the net. Each person needs to be able to block, set, dig, and hit at any time. When the receiving team wins point they gain the right to serve. The serving player must be alternated every time this occurs.

Learning the basic rules:

Beach volleyball consists of the same basic rules of indoor volleyball, only three touches to return the ball, and any ball hitting the ground will constitute in a point. A match will consist of three sets; the first two sets are played to 21 points, and the last set is played to 15 points. After every seven points in a set the teams will switch sides of the court. To win the match, a team must win two sets. The last set, known as the tiebreaker, can only be won with two points difference.

During beach volleyball players can use any part of their body to return the ball, including being able to kick the volleyball. However, throwing, holding, and catching the ball during a match is not allowed. The only technique that must be done by the arm is serving.

An important tip to remember during the game is to communicate. Because there are only two players on each side of the court, it is possible that both players will go for the ball at the same time. To avoid any injury, calling for the ball is necessary and communicating with your teammate will improve your chances of winning the point.

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