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4 Volleyball Tips On How To Cover Your Hitter

Nike Volleyball Camps Cover The Hitter

As a teammate it is your job to make sure that your hitters are covered when they go up to hit. When you are well positioned to bring the ball back up after your teammate has been blocked, it can lead to points and ultimately winning the match. Here are a few tips we teach at our skill development volleyball camps to make sure you are always ready to cover your hitter.

Tip #1: Cover tight to the hitter. A classic formation for covering an outside hitter is to have three players next to the hitter.  These players are typically the middle blocker, who is next to the net, the setter, who is on the 10 ft. line, and the left back, who covers the sideline behind the hitter. This formation of 3 is best at defending straight blocks and soft blocks in the front of the court. 

Tip #2: Cover deep blocks. When a ball is blocked into the deep corners, the other two players need to be ready to return the ball. The middle back is placed down the line and the right back or opposite is placed deep cross court. When a deep block occurs, these players are expected to run down a deep ball in between them since they will have more time to get there. This is also where communication comes into play, make sure to call your ball, and commit to it once you call it. 

Tip #3: Control the ball. When a ball is blocked it can be hard to bring it back up and keep it on your side. By keeping the ball on your side and controlled, you are giving your teammates more time to react and return the ball, therefore increasing the chance of scoring. 

Tip #4: Be ready for anything. When the ball is blocked it can come back onto your side in many different ways. By being prepared and in a ready position with your knees bent, your arms out, and head up, you are increasing your chances of successfully returning the ball. Also make sure to keep your arms out so the ball can bounce off, even if you don’t have much time to react.  

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