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Volleyball Serving Drill to Increase Serve Accuracy

Nike Volleyball Serving Accuracy Drill Tip

As a coach, you know the value of combining several skills into one drill. This exercise combines conditioning and serve accuracy while also being great for warm-ups. It is commonly referred to as “Sprint and Serve,” and is used by our Nike Volleyball Camp directors. This drill is great for beginner to intermediate players and is great for mastering the basics. Below is a description on how you can implement it into your practices.

  • Start the game by dividing your team in two, with a group on each side of the net.
  • Each player should have their own ball for this drill.
  • The goal of the drill is to serve the ball to 6 different areas of the court. The six areas are; 1: right back, 2: right front, 3: middle front, 4: left front, 5: left back, and 6: middle back (as shown in the photo above). 
  • On the sound of the whistle, each player will start serving the ball and must hit each area once. After each serve, they must sprint to the other side to retrieve the ball and sprint back to their side of the court before their next serve.
  • Once they have hit all 6 areas players can stop serving or continue, they just don't need to sprint to the other side anymore. If they choose to stop serving they can cheer on their teammates until everyone is done.

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