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One Man Volleyball Drills You Can Do at Home

One Man Volleyball Drill At Home

Who says you can’t improve your volleyball techniques while you are at home? There are actually several ways you can practice at home without a net or partner or in preparation for a game or volleyball summer camp. 

Below are three volleyball drills you can do by yourself to help strengthen your fundamentals for passing and setting.

Passing to yourself:

Practice your passing skills with this helpful drill. Get into passing position and pass the ball straight up in the air to yourself. Keep the ball from hitting the ground. To work on maintaining control, try to keep your feet stationary. From here, move on to re-positioning your feet and moving back and forth or side to side.

Vertical Sets/Setting to yourself:

This drill can be done in different ways. To help start with working on control of your set, try setting the ball while lying on your back. Make sure to have your knees bent. Have your hands 6 to 8 inches above your face, with your hands on the ball in the proper setting position. Your thumb and forefingers should form a triangular window. Push up through the ball. Try to set the ball over 50 times without having to move.

Standing while practicing setting.

This is the same drill as the one listed above, but for this one you are standing. Re-position your feet to get yourself under the ball. Repeat this drill 50 times or more to maintain proper control.


While standing, alternate between passing and setting. This will help keep control of the volleyball and allow you to practice on quick movement and footwork.

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