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Presented by Cheneta Robinson, Camp Director

Volleyball Serving Advice By Spalding University Head Volleyball Coach Cheneta Robinson

Serving Tips By Cheneta Robinson

Serving is one of the most important skills to have in volleyball. The server can control the game and pin point weakness in the opposing team with a great serve. Whether you are an advanced or a beginning player, it is important to work on serve skills. Cheneta Robinson, Nike Volleyball Camp Director at Spalding University, makes sure each volleyball player at her camps is well versed in the proper fundamentals for serving based on their skill level. Below are some helpful advice she teaches at her Kentucky volleyball camp.


For beginners, focus on the building a strong foundations by learning and become comfortable with the fundamentals first. It is very important for new players to get comfortable behind the end line and then move on to focus on the additional skills. A great first serve to start with is the underhand serve. This type of serve does not involve a toss, and helps players work on their ball control.


For intermediate servers, start to work on consistency with keeping your serves low to the net. Players at this skill level can start working on their overhead serve and focus on the mechanics of a good toss and timing. This can be practiced with deep and short serves, which can challenge a player to see how many low serves in a row they can get over and in bounds.


For advanced servers, they can start pushing their limits by focusing on the jump serve. Not only should they be comfortable serving low to the net, but they should also be able to place the ball on the other side of the court very well. Cut the court in thirds and work on serving deep, medium, and short serves. Once a player has mastered the overhead serve, then can they move on to a float serve and topspin serve.

Use this helpful guide from Spalding University Head Volleyball Coach, and work on your serve.

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