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Volleyball Tips to Perfect Jump Serving

Volleyball Serving

Campers will learn how to improve their serving skills at various volleyball camps across the United States.

In volleyball a jump serve gives a player more power and height behind the serve. Some players may choose to toss with one or both hands. The reason some individuals decide to toss with one hand is to allow them to have more of a top spin on the ball. This will give more control on the ball to keep it in bounds and over the net. Some players choose to toss with both hands giving it less spin and allows the serve to drive a little deeper, creating a fast hybrid serve. Check out below some steps on how to jump serve and get ready for a Nike Volleyball camp this summer!

Jump Serve Steps:

1.Place the volleyball in the opposite hitting hand or both hands.

2.Toss the ball high and several feet in front of you.

3.Use an abbreviated attack approach, swinging both arms behind you and then forward and up while stepping forward with the left or right foot and then a quick hop.

4. Jump up and forward, making sure to take off behind the end line.

5. Contact the ball at the top of your reach and top of your jump.

6. Strike the ball with your palm and follow through with your arm swing, aiming outward and downward to put topspin on the ball.

Whether you like to serve with one or two hands, the principles are still the same! Check out some more tips about volleyball to improve your game!

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