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Join the fun this summer at the Nike Ultimate Camp at Texas State University in San Marcos. This youth ultimate camp is geared towards players ages 13-19 of all ability levels. Our summer camp staff is dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience for growth and development to youth ultimate players.

The Nike Ultimate Camp at Texas State University is a superb youth summer camp staffed by vastly experienced instructors who are passionate about the sport. We teach campers important fundamentals and techniques to help each camper improve their skills and understanding of the game. Campers will leave better prepared to play in the College Ultimate Division and beyond. 

Highlights Include

  • Daily instruction from seasoned ultimate player and coach, Collen Conrad, and her experienced staff
  • 5-6 hours of Ultimate each day
  • Every camper receives a Nike Ultimate Camp jersey and Discraft disc!
  • Spend a week on a college campus, getting a taste of life as a student

Campers will utilize the recreation fields at Texas State University.

Meet your coaching staff
Camp Director

Colleen Conrad

Colleen Conrad began her Ultimate career during graduate school at the University of Texas (Austin), where she played in the USA Ultimate college series with Melee.  At the club level, she’s played with Showdown, Chewbacca Defense, and a number of other women’s and mixed teams.  She has competed in three NCAA tournaments and six National Ultimate Championships.

Colleen is a seventh grade English Language Arts teacher and Head Ultimate coach at Kealing Middle School in Austin. She has almost 20 years of coaching experience at youth sports camps across the country, including the National Ultimate Training Camp in Massachusetts, the University of Texas’s Ultimate Day Camp, and Spirit Sports Camp in Maine.  She has also served as the Youth Coordinator for the Ultimate Players League of Austin and collaborates on various Youth and Women’s Ultimate task forces with USA Ultimate and Without Limits.  Many of her former players continue to pursue Ultimate opportunities at the college, national, and even international level.  She’s excited to continue promoting Ultimate for kids across Texas and beyond.


Scott Etzel

Scott Etzel started playing ultimate over 10 years ago in high school in Houston, TX. He played college ultimate for five seasons at Texas State University. Scott has also played club ultimate with Houston's Space City and Seuss (among others). Scott is a USA Ultimate certified coach and middle school teacher.  In 2014 he coached the Westlake High School ultimate team in Austin, TX.  Scott has also led clinics internationally to various teams from the Dominican Republic.


Libby Cravens

Libby Cravens was a 2013-2014 women's ultimate coach for the university of Texas at Austin, mayhem. She has coached youth at the elementary to high school levels since 2007. With a background in soccer and cross country/track, she began playing ultimate in high school for fun and soon heard about the opportunity to play at UT. She played for Melee, UT's top team, until her eligibility ended in the 2011-2012 season as she was working on her masters. She was blessed to end on a high note earning 5th in the country. That season she also earned 5th in the coed club division at nationals, on the team she co-founded - Cosa Nostra. She has played on several club teams since 2008, but is currently helping to run a new women's team out of Austin - Ohana.



- Chase Cunningham of Austin's Doublewide, captain of UT's TUFF
- Amy Kendziorski, 3-time coach of UT's Melee, Melee alum, co-ed player on BID & Cosa Nostra
- Janel Venzant of Austin's Showdown, Melee alum and coach
- Matt Reese, President of UT's TUFF and sports writer

Learn more about Nike Ultimate Camp at Texas State University

2014 Camp Dates: July 27-31

(Camp Code: UFXRTS)

The Nike Ultimate Camp at Texas State University is a summer ultimate camp for high school players, age 13-19, who seek an exciting summer experience with the sport of ultimate. Campers can choose between Overnight, Extended Day (8:30am-9:00pm) and Day (8:30am-5:30pm) camp options.

Skill Levels
Our camp is open to players of all ability and experience levels.

Age/Grade Parameters
Our camp is for high school players from the ages of 13-19 (rising 9th graders through just graduated 12th graders who have not entered college yet).

Genders Parameters
Our camps are open to both boys and girls. Some activities will be done in a mixed environment and some will be done in a single gender environment.

OVERNIGHT CAMPERS: Daily Schedule & Information
• Sunday: Arrive at 1:00pm for check-in at the dorms. Campers should come dressed to play..
• Thursday: Awards Ceremony at 11:00am. Check out at 11:30am-12:00pm. Parents and friends encouraged to come enjoy the closing events!
• Meals: All meals are provided daily for Overnight Campers starting with dinner on Sunday and ending with breakfast on Thursday.

EXTENDED DAY CAMPERS: Daily Schedule & Information
• Sunday: Arrive between 1:00-1:30pm for check-in at the dorms. Campers should come dressed to play. Depart at 9:00pm.
• Monday-Wednesday: Arrive at 8:30am. Depart at 9:00pm.
• Thursday: Arrive at 8:30am. Awards Ceremony at 11:00am. Check out at 11:30am-12:00pm. Parents and friends encouraged to come enjoy the closing events!
• Meals: Lunch and Dinner are provided daily for Extended Day Campers starting with dinner on Sunday and ending with dinner on Wednesday.

DAY CAMPERS: Daily Schedule & Information
• Sunday: Arrive between 1:00-1:30pm for check-in at the dorms. Campers should come dressed to play. Depart at 5:30pm.
• Monday-Wednesday: Arrive at 8:30am. Depart at 5:30pm.
• Thursday: Arrive at 8:30am. Awards Ceremony at 11:00am. Check out at 11:30am-12:00pm. Parents and friends encouraged to come enjoy the closing events!
• Meals: Lunch is included for all Day Campers Monday-Wednesday.

Campers will stay in the TSU dorms on campus. Each dorm room will house two individuals, and camp staff and counselors will be spread out throughout each floor. Roommates are assigned by gender, age and roommate requests.

Campers will play ultimate on the TSU athletic fields.

Evening Activities
While the Nike Ultimate Camp at TSU is heavily focused on improving your Ultimate skills, campers will have plenty of social time. There will be many fun evening activities planned throughout the week which may include swimming, disc games, capture the flag, trivia and more.

Camper/Staff Ratio
We provide a ratio of 1 staff member for every 10 campers. This ensures lots of one-on-one attention and teaching for each camper.

The Nike Utimate Camp counselors and staff are hand-selected based on their ability to lead and supervise.  We will have a staff member available for campers during all hours of the night should they need assistance. Campers will be transported to a local hospital in case of an emergency.

Rain Plan
We will continue play during rain, but during extreme weather conditions, we will move indoors to work on fitness or have chalk talks.

Weekend Stayovers: Weekend stayovers are not available at this location.

Designated Airport: Austin–Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)

Nike Ultimate Camps do not provide transportation to/from camp from airport, train stations or bus depots. If you have a camper arriving by air who is deemed an “unaccompanied minor” by the airlines and must be met by a camp staff or shuttle company employee, there will be a fee that needs to be paid in advance of camp. You will still have to arrange transportation to/from camp. Please call 1-800-645-3226 two weeks prior to camp to provide camper’s flight and shuttle information.

Registration Packet
A detailed camper registration packet containing check in location, health/release forms, emergency contact info, and a list of things to bring will be emailed to all registered campers in the Spring. Our health and release forms do not require a doctor's signature and they will be collected on the first day of camp.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:00am Wake up and breakfast
  • 8:30am Day & Extended Day Campers arrive; Warm Ups
  • 9:00am Speed and Agility
  • 9:30am Drills (Throwing, Cutting, Offense, Defense)
  • 10:30am Scrimmaging
  • 11:30am Lunch, Rest
  • 12:30pm Chalk Talk (Rules – Leadership – Coaching – Strategy – Fundraising – Spirit of the Game – Inspiration Talks)
  • 1:00pm Drills (Throwing, Cutting, Offense, Defense)
  • 2:00pm Scrimmage
  • 4:00pm Pool time
  • 5:30pm Day Campers Depart
  • 5:30pm Showers/Free Time for Extended Day & Overnight Campers
  • 6:30pm Dinner
  • 7:30pm Evening Fun Activities
  • 9:00pm Extended Day Campers Depart
  • 10:00pm Lights Out for Overnight Campers
Read camper reviews

Brett G., 2014 Junior Worlds Team Member

  • 5/5.

I remember going to Coach Conrad’s Ultimate Camp with my brother and just having the time of my life. I had just started playing ultimate and the counselors were all very knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of the camp. I remember struggling to throw a hammer at the beginning of the week but then by the end I was throwing 30 yard hammers. One of my fondest memories is playing in the camper vs counselor game. I came back to camp 3 years in a row. During the week of camp each of those 3 years I was challenged to get better and expand my skill set which I think has helped me today as a player. I recommended this camp to everyone on my high school team.

Mitchell S.

  • 4/5.

Colleen Conrad and her fun-spirited coaching style taught and greatly improved my fundamental Ultimate skills during camp and in school. In addition to her easy-to-understand teaching, she also made learning the sport of Ultimate fun, putting emphasis not only on following the rules, but the over-all sportsmanship of the game, all while increasing the level of play. I would have loved to go back to the camp had I not been on the older side of the age group.  With her great choice of fun, caring, and enthusiastic employees, the camp was one of my favorites. The drills and activities they planned improved my Ultimate skill and facilitated the making of friendships in the Ultimate community that have lasted me years. Colleen Conrad and her coaching has been the most important reason Ultimate has become such a major part of my life.

Sam P.

  • 5/5.

Ultimate camp brings kids of many ages and skill levels together to play in a relaxed, but competitive atmosphere. I remember my first couple of years being in the younger group, looking up to and idolizing the older and more experienced players. The best drill is hands down the ‘dog drill’ where the counselors, or sometimes even your peers, throw the disc as far as they can so you and your friends can compete to see who can make the reception, creating some very gnarly layouts. Ultimate is my favorite sport and thanks to this camp and Coach Conrad I look forward to playing in college and beyond.

Nike Ultimate Camp at Texas State University Colleen Conrad, Camp Director Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, Texas 78666


Nike Ultimate Camp at Texas State University
  • 5/5.
3 Reviews

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Camp Schedule & Fees

2015 camp dates and prices coming soon. Please bookmark this page or call 1-800-645-3226.

For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-NIKE-CAMP we would be happy to help you.