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Presented by Brian Lalley, Camp Director
Xcelerate Nike PRE-SEASON Boys MS/YOUTH Shooting & Dodging Clinic in Cleveland

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse Tip: Motion Offense

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse National Program Director, Brian Lalley, discusses, formations in motion offense:

There are numerous formations an offense can use to maintain motion and balance. One of the most common is the 1-3-2 set (some refer to it as a 2-3-1). If you’re counting from behind the goal and then up towards the midline, there is one player behind the goal, 2 on the wings and one on the crease (refers to the 3), and two players up top. These six players form two different triangles. They work in a push-pull motion, creating movement and balance both off the dodge and off-ball.

Click on the video above for the basics of the 1-3-2 or 2-3-1 formation.


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