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Nike Running Tip: Dealing with pre-race Anxiety

Prerace Anx

Preparing for a race requires an intensive training regime where mental and physical standards are pushed to the limit. Overtime a runner can adapt to the intensity, and it is when the training slows that runners encounter an even bigger challenge. Pre-race anxiety. While athletes understand the benefit of tapering, often the lack of activity can lead to an increase in anxiety and pre-race conceptions. So what are some ways to cope with the anxiety…??

  1. Have a plan and execute it. Having a plan of to effectively execute your training on your race will ease your mind. Also plan out your nutrition, sleep, and route.
  2. Think about your past races and find your optimal performance zone. Are you someone who performs best when your energy and nerves are high? Or do you perform best when you are calm cool and collected.
  3. Have confidence in your training. You have trained long and hard for this race and should go into the race with a high level of confidence. Confidence in the training should give you confidence on race day. 
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