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Become a better Goalkeeper with these 3 tips

Goalie Save

A goalie is perhaps the most important aspect in determining a team’s success. A blocked shot not only preserves the score of the game, but more importantly a big time blocked shot can shift the momentum of the entire game. A keeper needs to bring energy, leadership, and communication to the pitch. Here are some tips to ensure that your prepared to be the best keeper you can be.

  1. As a keeper you facilitate the attack. Once the ball is in your hands, a keeper is the first person to outlet the ball for the team’s offensive attack. Whether this is a drop kick, a goal kick, or throw the accuracy on outlet passes is critical. The best way to get better at this is repeated practice. Practice these repetitions with teammates in practice as you work on your downfield attack. Find out where your teammates like the ball and note their tendencies.
  2. Quick feet. Your lunges for blocks and tracking the ball stem from the ground up. Work on drills that improve your feet speed. Having the ability to quickly react and dive or jump for the ball will help tremendously in your ability to block shots.
  3. Communicate. As a keeper you have the advantage of seeing the entire field always. Take command of the defense and communicate constantly. Continue communicating with your teammates until the desired action is completed. Defense is the key to winning games and the organization of the defense stems from the keeper. 
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