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Nike Soccer Tip: Controlling Your Headers

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While soccer is thought of as a game with the feet, heading is an aspect to the game that cannot be overlooked. Often corner kicks, or cross field passes frequently result in goals from headers. Here are some tips to help you use your head to put the ball in the net.

  1. Lose your fear of the ball. Heading the ball can be an intimidating action. The first step for improving your header is getting over that mental fear that the ball is going to hurt your head. Change your mindset from fear, to instead think that you are going to attack the ball.
  2. Prior to meeting the ball with your head you need to make sure the rest of your body is set up correctly. Lock your eyes in with the ball, get your feet planted and bend your knees. Power on your headers will ultimately stem from your strong base.
  3. Time your headers so you meet the ball before anyone else. When you run think about cutting hard in one direction to lose your defender and meet the ball before anyone else.
  4. Move your head forward fast. Aim to use the middle of your forehead and head the ball down. Aiming down will ensure that the ball will stay on target and go in the goal!
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