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Three Preseason Strength Training Tips for Skiing

Mt Hood Summer Ski Camp Preseason training tip photo of Jack Feeney ski jump

While we are all patiently awaiting the first snowfall of the year, it is a perfect time to start getting into shape for the upcoming season. We all feel invincible on our first day of skiing, but the next day is always very painful due to using muscles you haven’t used since last season. Skiing requires excellent aerobic fitness, strong legs, and flexibility. Use this training guide for exercises that will help strengthen your legs and ease you into the ski season.

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1) Any form of cardio will help your aerobic fitness, but some activities are better options than others. Riding your bike is an excellent way to keep your cardio up during the offseason, and it also strengthens similar muscles that you will use on your skis. Running is also an excellent alternative, as it provides intense cardio along with great power and stamina for your legs.

2) Biking and running will help establish your baseline, but to really ramp up for massive jumps and deep powder you have to do squats and lunges. Squats strengthen your legs and glutes but are also an excellent way to simulate the burn from skiing all day. This will help your balance and allow you to land with less than perfect form. Lunges improve the lateral movement of your lower body. This will help strengthen your back, hips, and legs.

3) Finally, to prepare for ski season you need to start stretching. The best pro skiers are not only fearless but can contort their body and morph into the best position for skiing. For freestyle skiers, flexibility allows you to do more grabs in the air and take larger impacts while falling. Being flexible will also allow you to keep yourself balanced with less effort and less energy. Becoming flexible takes a lot of time and a commitment every day to stretching for at least 30 minutes. Focus on touching your toes while standing, stretching your legs, and opening up your hip flexors.

To conclude, if you wait for the snow to start falling to prepare for ski season it is too late. Stay active, cross-train with other sports than compliment the same muscles, and start stretching to ensure you are ready for the first day on the hill.

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