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Presented by Nick Baker, Camp Director
Nike Peak Performance Summer Swim Camp in June Chicago, IL

Peak Performance Swim Camp Tip: Say It, Think It, See It, Be It

Peak Performance Swim Camp Mental Tip

If properly programmed, the mind can make swimming dreams come true. Minds full of positive words, thoughts, and visions eliminate the mental roadblocks that often sabotage peak performance. Swimmers can begin the programming process today with these three simple steps:

1. Stand in front of your bathroom mirror, first thing in the morning, and recite the following phrase: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I will be the fastest swimmer of all.” Recite three times with feeling.

2. Before drifting off to sleep at night, close your eyes and imagine yourself on the Olympic podium with a gold medal around your neck.

3. Bookmark a few of your favorite YouTube videos, of the swimmer you dream about becoming. Watch them again and again. Memorize every detail from start to finish.

Peak Performance Swim Camp

To amplify our holistic training approach, we enthusiastically employ the following positive coaching styles at every swimming camp:

• Emphasizing the positive whenever possible
• Spending equal time with every swimmer in the lane
• Providing ongoing and constructive feedback
• Using sound coaching principles to engage and inspire
• Recognizing achievements no matter how small
• Providing unconditional support
• Rewarding effort regardless of the outcome
• Enhancing self-esteem whenever possible
• Seizing teachable moments to build positive character traits
• Creating the environment where success is more the rule rather than the exception

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