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Presented by Merry Graf, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Webster University

Presented by Derek Olson, Co-Director

Presented by Jesse Zabal, Camp Director

Presented by Zoe Varela Beltz, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Helix Charter High School (San Diego)

Volleyball Tips On Mental Toughness

Volleyball Mental Toughness

Volleyball campers will learn to practice mental toughness before they head onto the court to compete!

Being mentally tough is just as important as physical toughness. It is important to include mental preparation before your volleyball games, practices or Nike Volleyball Camps to be more successful on the court! At our college volleyball camps, our coaches help our campers practice mental toughness and the tools needed to improve. Check out the tips and strategies our camp directors use to train their college athletes and pass on to their campers!

Coaches Corner's Tips

Tip#1: "In our volleyball program we train mental toughness. One of the first steps is teaching players to use P. S. T. (Positive Self Talk) when playing. Research shows that using these positive affirmations can motivate and encourage players during practices and competition." - Merry Graf, Head Women's Volleyball Coach at Webster University, St. Louis

Tip#2: "Practice mindfulness techniques. Work on elimination outside distractions before practice or matches so can engage fully with your teammates and coaches. Visualization of playing a match and how you want to respond when your winning and when you are losing." - University of California Berkeley, Volleyball Coaching Staff

Tip#3: "Imperfect days are inevitable, mistakes are inevitable, use the next opportunity to make a change & build off of that. Let your coaches know what type of coaching you thrive off of. Some may respond to this, some may not." - Jesse Zabal, Head Volley Coach at Loyola New Orleans

Tip#4: "Volleyball is a mental game as much as a physical game. Gaining confidence by gaining muscle memory is a great way to build mental toughness." - Zoe Varela Beltz, Nike Volleyball Camp Director

To improve your game physically and mentally, check out more volleyball tips.

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