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Presented by Zoe Varela Beltz, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Helix Charter High School (San Diego)

Presented by Leah Bernier, Head Coach
Nike Volleyball Camp at Gettysburg College

Volleyball Tip: How to Pass with Accuracy

Volleyball Passing Accuracy

It is important when you are passing in volleyball to pass accurately to your teammates. Being a more accurate passer will help your team both offensively and defensively. At our Nike day volleyball camps, we teach our players the best techniques to improve their passing skills using some of the tips below.

Tip #1: Form - Your thumbs should always be lined up before you pass or hit. If your thumbs are lined up, you will have a flat passing area. If your hands are not lined up, this will make accurate passing much more difficult to execute. In addition to lining up your hands, your elbows should be straight in order to help increase your accuracy. Beginner level player should focus on their form to increase they accuracy.

Tip#2: Angles - Our Nike Camp Directors stress the importance of using your angles in volleyball. Campers will execute drills that help them improve on these skills.

Coaches Tip: "It's all about angles! If the ball hits you on your forearms, it will move in the direction of your platform. If your platform is angled toward the right, the ball will travel to the right. In order to have the best accuracy, you want to make sure your platform is always angled in the direction you want your ball to go!"- Zoe Varela Beltz, Nike Camp Director

Coaches Tip: "In order to be the best passer or defender that you can be, the MOST important part to get right is the angle of your platform when the ball contacts your arms. If your feet are out of position or you're falling to the ground or passing behind your head, as long as you have the correct angle to your target when the ball is on your arms, it will go in the direction that it is told. So work on your angle from playing inside your body (directly in front of you) and outside your body (further away from you) and you will be able to perfect passing no matter where the ball goes!" - Leah Bernier, Head Women's Volleyball Coach at Gettysburg College

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