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Presented by Zoe Varela Beltz, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Helix Charter High School (San Diego)

Presented by Jesse Zabal, Camp Director

Presented by Emily Hayes, Director

Volleyball Tip: How to Improve Your Serve

Volleyball Tip Serves

Campers will learn to improve their serving skills and elevate their game for the volleyball season

Perfecting your serve is a crucial skill for volleyball players of all levels. At our college volleyball camps, our campers will learn the fundamentals of a good serve that is guaranteed to elevate their game! Check out the tips below from our Nike Camp Directors that emphasize the importance of focusing on your form and keeping your routine simple.

1. Routine
- Head Volleyball Coach at Loyola New Orleans, Jesse Zabal says "Make it simple and repeatable." Players should not over complicate their serve routines. If a player is more focused on their routine then their serve, their serve execution may be poor. If you make a routine that is repeatable, the serve routine will become natural and make it easy to serve accurately every game!

2. Form - Nike Camp Director, Zoe Varela Beltz, teachers her players the basics to perfect their serve. "I find that the best way to start is by throwing the volleyball as far as you can using proper form. If you put the ball in your hitting hand (make sure it doesn't fall) and then put that hand behind you with your elbow up, step forward slightly with your opposite foot and then throw the ball. If you have something you can throw the ball over or even a roof to throw it on, even better! This will mimic the volleyball net. Once you find that you can throw it, you can move into serving. Like most things, the best way to get better is to just do it!"

Bonus Coaches Tip
-"At all levels: keep it simple. Jump serving is NOT necessarily better than a simple standing float. Toss, Step, Swing. It's all about a clean contact on the ball." Emily Hayes, Head Volleyball Coach at Lewis and Clark College

Keep it simple and hit the ball hard! Check out more volleyball tips from our Nike Camp Coaches and get ready for your next summer volleyball camp.

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