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Nike Wrestling Tip: 5 Fundamental Tips To Improve Your Wrestling

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1. Footwork: Footwork is crucial in wrestling. Having the ability to move forward, backward, and laterally will allow you to create motion and attack/defend your opponent quicker. Circle your opponent at all times to create gaps and specific opportunities for a takedown. To improve your footwork, practice moving your feet at all times during live drilling situations in practice.

2. Takedowns: To improve your takedowns, work on your timing and setups. Practice shooting in on your opponent from different angels or levels and vary your takedowns to keep your opponent guessing. Setting up your shots are vital to a successful takedown. Setting up a takedown can include a couple level changes, mixing in fake shots, or tapping the opponent’s head to catch them off guard.

Escapes: Escapes will award you one point or even two points in the case of a reversal. Focus on building your strength and explosiveness to improve your escapes. Practice getting to your feet quickly, fighting your opponent’s hands, or being able to create space to escape from the bottom position.

Conditioning: Wrestling is a physically demanding sport which requires high levels of endurance and anaerobic output. By staying in good condition and continuously training, wrestlers can withstand the intensity of a match and preform at the best of their ability for longer periods of time. Try incorporating cardio workouts and strength training into your routine to ultimately improve your conditioning and have an advantage over your opponent.

Mental Toughness: Due to the intense nature of the sport, wrestling can be mentally challenging. Whether that includes understanding your opponent, or encountering adversity before and during a match, or pure motivation to win – mental toughness is key to preforming at a high level. Improve your mental toughness through practicing uncomfortable situational drills, taking risks in practice, and learning to remain focused under high pressure.

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