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Find your optimal level of arousal for peak performance

Final Arousal And Perform

Finding an active warm up routine that you can implement prior to your races can make all the difference in your performance. Assistant cross country and track and field coach Logan Roberts of University of North Carolina says “the individual biomechanics of each athlete needs to be addressed to find the best ways to work with the athletes physique.” Your bones, muscles and mind perfrom best when you find your optimal level of arousal. It is important to learn what works best for YOU!

The relation between arousal and performance generally follows a triangular curve. Over time in your races it is important to figure out what state of mind you need to be in for best performance. Are you someone whom performs best with a low level of arousal? Maybe you need to work on pregame meditation and breathing where you slow your heart rate and are calm prior to your race start.

Or maybe you are someone who performs best when your arousal is high? Does your prerace routine need to include short breaths, or music that gets you pumped up?

Generally, most athletes find they perform best when their arousal level is at a medium. A balance of increased heart rate and butterflies, but also sustaining a focused, disciplined, calm mentality ready to perform when the gun goes off!

Check out the graph here and learn for yourself what your optimal arousal level may be! For more great tips and camps where you can learn and improve your running check out our camps here! https://www.ussportscamps.com/running

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