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Roy Benson’s Benefits of Running Camps

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GMRC and SMRC Camp Director Roy Benson lists a few of the many benefits of coming to running camps. As the Co-Founder of both of these camps, Roy Benson has been sharing his running philosophy with his campers for the past 45 years. Benson's passion for the sport and his camps has never faded. In fact, it has only gotten stronger. 

Roy Benson's Benefits of Coming to Running Camps:

1.  A major benefit of running camp is being surrounded by other runners from different teams and other parts of the country. It is amazing how much our kind of inter-active environment can inspire you to be a better runner.

2.  Our camps' emphasis is on not only inspiring you to work harder, but also, and most importantly, on how to train and race smarter.

3.  Our goal is to make you a better runner by hearing our featured guest speakers, working with staff coaches and counselors in our unique break-out sessions, and running with your training group leaders.  We believe in learning-by-listening and also learning-by-doing.  

4.  Our staffs strongly believes their most important job is teaching you the purposes of each component of Combination Training: the how and when of easy days, long runs, tempo training, speed and power workouts.  Our unique pacing practices with your training group make that happen.

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