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Being Competitive

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Being Competitive 

"One thing we like to try to do with our practices is to make as many drills as competitive as we can where there is a winner and a loser and the losers receiving some type of consequence (some form of running, body squats, push-ups, etc....). We like to turn drills that require individual skill i.e. fielding, throwing, etc... into what we call +1/-1 drills. A good example is a simple fielding drill in which we break the girls into two teams. Divide teams evenly according to skill level. Outdoors, we might place one team at shortstop and the other at second. A coach hits ground balls at each team in an alternating fashion. In order to earn a +1, the player must field the ball cleanly and make a clean throw into a catcher. If either part is not done cleanly, that team receives a -1. The first team to +5 wins. The losing team executes the consequence. The game would also end if a team reaches -5 before the other team reaches +5. In that case, the consequence is doubled and the losing team executes the consequence."

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