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Proactive Fielding & Focus

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Focus is a key part of the game of softball both defensively and offensively.  Many sports are primarily reactive; in this game, you have time in between play to prepare mentally and perform proactively.  From an offensive perspective, it is important to expect that the ball is coming to you upon contact, and think about what you are going to do with it once you get it.  If you want to start to become a proactive fielder, start to run through these factors with each batter: number of outs, base runner/s location, where the batter hits, and pitching count at the plate.  Thinking about these factors at each bat keeps you as a fielder focused and prepared to make a quick decision.  It may be a lot to think about at first but it will become second nature as you practice it. You will know where you are going to throw the ball and look forward to fielding it. As your confidence grows, proactive focus will minimize fumbling.  You will always be ready to field the ball and choose which play is best to make.

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