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Tennis Tip: The Importance of Consistency on the Overhead

Coaches Corner – The Importance of Consistency on the Overhead

Going for too many overhead winners and making errors?  Take a minute and read what Tyler Thomson, Head Women's Tennis Coach at the College of William & Mary, has to say about the importance of consistency on the overhead.

“Being an aggressive tennis player means that you will need to finish some points at the net.  And when you play offense your opponent is forced to defend, which often takes shape in a defensive lob.  That means that you must hit an overhead smash!  

The first step in hitting a successful overhead smash is to REMOVE the word “smash” from your idea of what this shot must look like.  Like most errors, missed overheads often result from trying to be overly aggressive and over-hitting the shot.  Only when you are moving forward and positioned in front of the service line should you try to hit a winner on an overhead.  However, whenever you are moving backwards or in the backcourt, your only goal should be to MAKE the ball and then move forward to the net for another volley or overhead.  

The moral of this story?  Don’t blow the offensive advantage that you earned by going for too much on your overhead and giving away the point!  When you’re moving back, simply put the ball back in the court.  Only when you’re moving forward and near the net should you make it a true smash!”

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