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Tennis Tip: Throw Your Elbow at the Ball


Summer is in sight and we're getting ready!  Check out this great serving tip from Ben Belletto, long-time Nike Tennis Camp Director and Head Coach at Whittier College.  Keep working hard, have fun, and see you on the courts this summer!  #SummerInSight


Before striking the ball, all great servers share a few key things in common. One often-overlooked element is the role of the elbow on the hitting arm. In order to gain racquet-head speed, the elbow precedes the racquet in moving upwards into the serve. The elbow should transfer from below the racquet to just above the racquet, all prior to contact, creating torque and helping accelerate the racquet up to the ball. In more common terms, by “throwing the elbow” at the ball, the racquet hand is left behind, allowing it to accelerate up into the ball. The more distance the elbow covers, the greater the torque on the swing. Focusing on “throwing your elbow up at the ball” can help relax your grip on the racquet. 

For more great tips, come join Ben Belletto this summer at the UC Santa Cruz Nike Tennis Camp.  

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