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Understanding Tennis Offense

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Tennis Tip – Understanding Offense

College of William & Mary head women’s coach Tyler Thomson says much of what makes a tennis player great comes from truly understanding offense.

Coach Tyler Thomson explains, "In tennis, the smartest players are often those who truly understand OFFENSE, and how it is created (and maintained).  Many junior players assume that playing offensively means hitting the ball harder and/or closer to the lines.  While the world's top players may be able create offense in this way, the other 99.9% of us will have less control and make more errors while trying these ‘Hollywood’ shots.” 

Minnesota_ThomsonTyler_HeadShot.jpgCoach Thomson stresses the importance of a player’s position on the court and the direct correlation it has to a player’s offensive advantage. "Even the world's top players know that the best path to offensive opportunity comes from court positioning.  Offense, quite simply, is best achieved by positioning oneself inside the baseline and, if possible, progressing forward as much as possible toward the net.  By doing this, instead of ripping the ball or aiming for the lines, a smart player is able to minimize the opponent's recovery time, hit with more control, and aim toward safer targets.” Coach Thompson offers advice to all tennis players. “Remember - there's an easier way to hit a winner than blasting your forehand toward the lines . . . just move forward!”

Guiding his teams to success both on and off the court, Tyler Thomson has led the Tribe for the last two seasons and spent 11 years prior as the head coach at the University of Minnesota.  The 2008 Northern Division Women's College Coach of the Year, Tyler has also served as a USTA High Performance Coach in 2006 and 2008.  To get more tips and instruction from Coach Thomson, check out his Nike Tennis Camp at The College of William & Mary  With two weeks of Overnight and  Day (8:45am-4:30pm) camp for boys and girls ages 9-18 of all skill levels as well as a special tournament training component, there is a camp option for everyone!

Nike Tennis Camps offer junior and adult overnight and day camps at 73 locations nationwide. The camps provide first-rate instruction, match play, diversified social activities, exposure to life in a university setting – and the chance to build lasting friendships. Our goal is to give players the opportunity to hit thousands of balls, improve their technique, and be challenged by some of the best players in their peer group.

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