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Presented by Tiger Shelton, Camp Director

Presented by Leah Bernier, Head Coach
Nike Volleyball Camp at Gettysburg College

Presented by Zoe Varela Beltz, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Helix Charter High School (San Diego)

Volleyball Tips: How to Increase the Power in your Hits

Powerful Volleyball Hitter

Hitting the ball with power is important to any volleyball player's game. Powerful hits are challenging for your opponent to return, so it is an important skill to practice! Check out the tips below that our volleyball campers can perfect at one our position specialty clinics.

Tip #1 Warm Up: Warming up is the best way to prepare yourself before you head to the court. Coach Leah Bernier, Head Volleyball Coach at Gettysburg College, walks through a series of arm swings warm ups in the video above to get you warmed up for your next practice, game, or camp!

Tip #2 Strength Training: Hit the gym! Nike Camp Director at Francis Parker School, Zoe Varela Beltz, emphasizes the importance of training your core. “It's all about the core! Your core is the area of your body around your back, waist, and stomach. When this is strong and you learn how to use it, you will have a lot more power! Great hitters utilize their core muscles by acting as a torque on the ball. In other words, when they jump their hitting shoulder is behind them. When they swing on the ball, they swing their arm around to strike it. When the core is strong, they will have more torque power. Think about how a baseball player uses the same motion when hitting.”

Tip #3 Cross Training: Cross training can have many added benefits for volleyball players to improve their skills. Practice throwing a ball hard to replicate a similar hitting motion. Coach Tiger Shelton, Head Coach at William Jessup University says, “Learn to throw a softball or a tennis ball. Play catch with anyone all the time.” This tip is an easy trick to practice in your free time with family and friends.

Becoming a more powerful hitter does not require you to spend endless time in the gym practicing your hits. Use the volleyball tips above to get creative and change up your training routine!

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