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The First Three Steps of OFFENSIVE LINE PLAY

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Your first three steps off the snap of the ball will be the most important.  It is imperative to get all three steps down as quick as possible.  This is regardless of whether it is a run or a pass.

-Feet a little wider than shoulder width apart
-Centers will have an even stance, meaning they will have no stagger
-Guards will have a staggered stance, meaning that their outside foot will be even with the instep or middle of their inside foot.
-Tackles will also have a staggered stance, their toes of their outside foot will be just behind their heal of their inside foot.
-Knees and toes will be pointing straight ahead and your hips will be square to the line.
-Your outside hand will be your down hand (with the exception of centers)
-Stretch hand out in front as far as it will go but put little to no weight on it, only your fingertips will be touching.
-You should be able to pull your hand back without your hips rocking backwards
-Back is flat and eyes are up.
-Off hand is resting on thigh of the inside leg; with your hand ready to explode up to eye level at snap of ball.

      -Focus will be on taking first steps with correct foot.
      -Focus on not taking false steps.
      -Focus on second step initiating contact with defender.
      -Focus on second step beginning the process of drive blocking.
      -Focus on keeping a good base slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
      -Focus on taking a short quick explosive third step that will be the beginning many more    
      short explosive steps.

Finally with all of these O-line basics it should come as no surprise that everyone needs to have a low pad level.  Football games are won in the trenches and that can’t happen if everyone is standing straight up.  Even in pass blocking you need to have a good low base with a good knee bend otherwise you are going to get tossed around the field.  Continue to move your feet on contact as well; I have never seen anyone drive someone out of hole without their feet running through the block. 

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