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Presented by Jeff Ritter, Camp Director
Nike Advanced Junior Golf Camps, Monterey Peninsula

Simple Secret to Improve Pitching Around the Green

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The best tip for practicing your pitching shots, with NJGC National Director of Instruction, Jeff Ritter.

Many campers come to camp looking to improve their short game and approach shots however, two basic movement patterns keep golfers from achieving better pitch shots. Creating the normal shift in pressure from the lead foot, to trail, back to the lead foot takes too long for a small shot like this. Additionally, golfers often have an excessive forward lean, which results in hitting the ground, ultimately taking away from the loft of the shot needed for the ball to settle close to the hole.

At Nike Short Game Junior Golf Camps, Jeff Ritter stresses that campers will improve their pitching with his “one and one” secret approach.


The first ONE is one foot. To eliminate the time it takes to shift pressure between feet, practice standing on one foot, in this case your lead foot. This allows you to make swings with your lead leg acting as the only axis, removing the pressure shift from side to side.

The second ONE is one hand. To ensure a high, soft shot, practice holding and swinging the club in just your trail hand. This is important because you want to maximize the available loft on the club as well as make sure the club is sliding smoothly through the grass.

A one-handed swing with a one-leg axis creates a tossing and throwing motion out of the club head. Without hitting the ball, practice this motion to feel the optimal speed. You want the clubhead to increase speed and catch up to the handle through the contact of the ball. Add the ball back in and as you practice this, remember your lead leg axis and your trail hand throwing motion are the keys to unlocking the available loft required for a successful shot.

Make your pitching shots easier by practicing the ONE and ONE!

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