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Presented by Sarah Ansboury, Camp Director
Sarah Ansboury's Nike Adult Pickleball Camp at Palmetto Dunes

Pickleball Tip: Covering the Court - Mini Lesson with Sarah Ansboury

Covering the court quickly and efficiently is a critical skill to have when playing pickleball with your partner. You want to be able to cover your 10ft of space and switch between forehand and backhand comfortably and confidently, maintaining an offensive body position. Sarah Ansboury, Nike Pickleball Camp Director at Palmetto Dunes, discusses the importance of your kinetic chain and how your body position and movement can help improve your game while covering the court!

When you are in the ready position, you want the paddle to be set farther in front of you to create space in between you and the paddle. That space allows you to turn your body and move side to side depending on where the ball is hit. Your hips and shoulders turn, and your weight turns with you, keeping the weight centered in your toes. This movement permits being able to keep your paddle out in front to catch the ball early and push the ball back over the net. A key tip to remember when turning your body side to side is to engage your non dominant hand. Activating your non dominant hand supports your shoulders in working together and forces the paddle out in front of you, which ultimately keeps you in an offensive, forward position.

For more tips like this from Sarah Ansboury, come join the fun at one of her camp sessions throughout the year at Palmetto Dunes in South Carolina. For in depth online Pickleball Training, visit https://members.sarahansboury.com.

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