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Presented by Rich Schreiner, Co-Director
Nike Soccer Camp at Seattle University

Improve your Soccer Defense and Footwork by Trusting the Process

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At Nike Sports Camps we pride ourselves in providing young athletes with the best quality coaches to promote positive athletic and personal development. Coaches at Nike Sports Camps have years of experience and know what it takes to succeed at the next level. We caught up with Rich Schreiner Associate Women’s Head Soccer Coach at the University of Seattle to find out some key tactics for athletes to increase their game.

Defense is critical to a team’s success. To improve defense Schreiner emphasizes that patience is a virtue.  You can’t rush perfection. It’s not always your job to win the ball, just delay your opponent. Trust the process and find excitement in small gains.

Soccer athletes across the globe are in awe of professional layers like Lionel Messi and his footwork. Aside from constant practice with the soccer ball to help improve your footwork Schreiner suggests cross training with classes like boxing and ballet. Who knows maybe ballet is the secret to becoming like Messi!?

Lastly, for athletes looking to play in college Coach Schreiner has some suggestions about the recruiting process. He says to make sure to focus on what YOU the athlete wants, not ONLY on who wants you.

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