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Presented by Drew Stacey, Camp Director
Nike Boys Soccer Camp at Tigertown

3 Ways to Maximize Your Soccer Throw-ins

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The game of soccer for the most part is a game of intricate footwork. However, there are times when your hands, arms, and upper body come into play. Throwing the ball in from out of bounds is a critical aspect to the game that should not go unnoticed. Nike Camp Director and Warner University Head Soccer Coach Drew Stacey provides his suggestions on maximizing your throw in potential.

First Stacey makes it clear that maintaining possession of the ball is one of the most important aspects of the throw-in. “If you can place the ball in a good spot, your throw in can facilitate your attack.” Furthermore, Stacey says it’s also important to understand your teammates tendencies. “Focus on where your teammate wants the ball. Ask yourself, is he skilled with his head or does he need it at his feet?”

So next time you’re out on the pitch for training or in a game think about these tips! Focus on your technique, teammates tendencies, and placement of the ball.

For more tips like this from Coach Stacey be sure to check out his camp at Tigertown, or check out more soccer tips from other coaches at our website

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