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Presented by Kyle Jones, Coach
Nike Soccer Camp in Lake Geneva

Nike Soccer Tip: What to Do With a Defender on Your Hip

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There are lots of moments in the game of soccer when players find themselves in possession of the ball with a defender on their side or hip. Some examples of these moments would be when:

  • A wide midfielder has the ball on the wing and is trying to create a yard of space for a cross while the opposition fullback tries to win the ball.

  • A center midfielder has pressure from an opposition center midfielder while they try to switch the point of attack.

  • A striker has the ball at the top of the box with a defender on their hip and is trying to get a yard of space for a shot.

In these moments, players must protect the ball by:

  • Dribbling with the outside/safe foot - the one that is furthest from the defender.

  • Bending the knees to provide a wide base for balance.

  • Using their arm to keep the defender away from the ball and to feel where the pressure is coming from.

  • Continuing to scan the field to know what they are going to do with the ball.

In order to create a yard of space in these situations to execute the dribble, the pass, the cross, or the shot, players should be equipped with change of direction (COD) skills, such as the “Cruyff Turn,” as well as fake change of direction skills (FCOD). Having a number of these skills readily available helps keep defenders guessing on whether the player is going to turn with a COD skill or continue forwards after faking the turn with a FCOD skill. This hesitation by the defender creates that important yard of space for the dribble, the pass, the cross, or the shot by the player in possession.

Here is an example of a COD skill: https://youtu.be/TqxpYkkngFc

Here is an example if the FCOD skill which mimics the movement of the COD skill: https://youtu.be/NmbhwIkbeIU

Learn over 65 of these individual skills at a Nike Soccer Camp with coach Kyle Jones of Illinois Skill School this Summer. The camps will be held at Lake Forest Academy, in Lake Forest IL, and at Big Foot H.S. in Lake Geneva, in WI.

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