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Soccer Tip: Turning Defense to Attack

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Video Tip by Nike Soccer Camps on how to turn defense to attack. 

Turning Defense to Attack

Ball Control and Playing Loose

  • Defenders must be comfortable on the ball
  • Defenders should be skilled at both running with the ball and passing
  • Defenders must be relaxed under pressure and able to turn a defensive effort into a counterattack

Attacking Fullbacks

  • The fullbacks should be used as the first line of attack
  • Fullbacks require speed, strength, vision and distribution skills

Quick Ball Movement

  • Being able to move the ball swiftly and accurately will create pressure on the opposing team.
  • Passing the ball to a teammate in an advanced position is helpful in creating an attacking move.
  • A quick counterattack will leave many of the opposing players behind and create space when pushing for goal.

Defending Remains a Priority

  • Defenders should focus on defending first.
  • Don’t let up in order to anticipate an attack until the team has total possession.
  • If you get caught sleeping and only focusing on attacking from the back, your opponent will beat you.
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