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Presented by John Fletcher, Camp Director

Soccer Tips: Heading the Ball


Soccer is a game with the ball at your feet. However, there are other body parts like your head that can make an impact as well. Anyone can head a ball just like anyone can kick a ball but doing it with the right technique makes a huge difference. Here are three tips presented by Nike Soccer Camps when heading the ball.

  • Keep your eyes on the ball. When heading the ball, you should see the ball all the way from when it hits your head and into the direction you are aiming. Most players close their eyes at the last minute and they miss the ball, or it goes the wrong direction.
  • Lean Back. Whether you are standing or jumping leaning back gives you the ability to get power on the ball.
  • Follow through with your forehead. This is the toughest part of your head and can create the most power and speed on the ball. This goes for when you are standing or jumping.

Heading the ball well is something not a lot of players excel at. Being fearless is key when heading the ball. Learning how to correctly head the ball makes you become dangerous both offensively and defensively. Using these tips will give you an advantage over others.

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