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Nike Swim Camp Tip: Goal Setting by Darlington, GA Camp Director Kelly McClanahan

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Nike Swim Camps are offered during the summer for competitive to elite swimmers looking to improve their stroke technique, starts and turns, and overall performance.

Goal setting is something the greatest athletes do even to the end of their career. Your goals are your road map to success. However, so many athletes forget this step in their training. Yes, I said training. Goal setting should be a part of your training plan every season. So, why do so many athletes skip this step? Most think it is too hard to set goals. And some don’t even know where to begin in setting goals. And then there’s others who give up before they even begin because of the fear of not meeting the goal. Below I am going to outline a few simple steps that is going to make goal setting much easier, and actually fun for you to do with your coach and parents.

Step 1: Identify Your

  1. Dream Goal – project years into the future without any limits on yourself.
  2. Long-Term Goals – typically one season to one year and will lead you eventually to your dream goal.
  3. Short-Term Goals – typically are two weeks to a month and will help you achieve your long-term goals.
  4. Daily Goals – are set each day in practice, and will help you achieve your short-term goals

Step 2: Identify Your

  1. Task Goals – are what athletes need to do physically and mentally in order for goals to occur. These are things you as the athlete need to do on a daily basis to make your goals happen. Athletes struggle with this portion of the exercise the most because it requires hard truths.
  2. Examples of task goals are: sleep more, better nutrition choices, consistent practice, consistent effort in practice, listening to the coach’s critique, maintaining pace times in race, maintaining stroke rate in race, maintaining breath control in race, etc.

Step 3: Take Action

  1. Complete goal forms
  2. Write goals on visible items you will see on daily basis (i.e. mirror, school notebook, journal)
  3. Verbalize goals to coach, teammate, friends and family
  4. Be accountable for your goals
  5. Constantly stay in touch with goals by evaluating progress towards each goal

For more great tips like this come join Kelly McClanahan this summer at the Darlington Nike Swim Camp in Georgia. Darlington School’s campus is nestled around a small lake in the foothills of the Lookout Mountain Range in Rome, Ga. (approximately one hour northwest of Atlanta and southwest of Chattanooga, Tenn.) and provides the perfect backdrop to host our first annual swim camp at the Darlington School!

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