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Getting Your Body in Shape for Tennis Camp this Summer!

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Adult Campers!  It's that time of year...We're just weeks away from summer. Time to get outside and getting yourself into shape for Tennis Camp!

For those of you whose exercise all winter consisted of channel surfing or playing on your ipad, lets get cracking on getting your body ready for 3 sets of tennis. Get in shape, but let's not get crazy about it.

Start slowly, begin by walking several times per week. Increase the pace and length of time after the first week and then try jogging for 15 minutes after week two. Then do a few sprints to get that heartbeat up. If you have access to a pool, walk or run in the pool and then do some laps. This is an easier way to reach your fitness goals without the stress on your joints. As upper body strength and the core need to be worked on, do some weight lifting and some situps and crunches but be careful not to overdo it. Remember, take it slow, but build strength, endurance, and a solid base level of cardio fitness.

It is also important to remember to check your equipment before camp. When was the last time you had your racquet restrung? Are the soles of your shoes worn? Are your outfits too loose or too snug? Treat yourself to a couple of new outfits, a new pair of shoes, and restring your racquet . You deserve it!

Tennis is not only a physical game, but mental as well. Try not to lose focus if you miss a few bunnies- everybody does. Although there is no magical remedy for improving mental toughness, just remember, it's still just a game. If time permits try reading Brad Gilbert's book "WINNING UGLY". He offers some great tips on staying calm under game pressure.

Stay healthy and we'll see you this summer at camp!

Camp Director, Reiny Maier, is one of the most renowned adult tennis camp directors in the country. He returns to the Amherst Adult Nike Tennis Camp for his 39th year and has given players a whole new outlook on tennis. He becomes involved in the game of each player, offering his knowledge, enthusiasm, patience and encouragement.

For more great tips and an unforgettable tennis experience, join Reiny Maier and Maureen Rankine this summer in beautiful Amherst, Massachusetts!  You will hit a ton of balls, improve your game, work hard, meet new friends, laugh and immerse yourself in tennis.  Who says kids have all the fun?  

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