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Tennis Tip: Looking at the Big Picture


Looking at The Big Picture
Do you feel you are getting passed by balls that you should be covering?    It could be something as simple as you not anticipating the next shot off your opponent’s racquet.  I have three ideas for you to keep in mind after you have hit the ball that will be guaranteed to make you a better player.

1. When pulled off the court by your opponents shot make it a priority to get back to the middle of the court.  Too many people watch and admire their shot, when the ball comes back over the net they are to late in their recovery for the next shot.

2. Work on your quick sideways shuffling.  When not sure where your opponent is going to hit the ball your quick shuffle move eliminates the ability of your opponent to hit behind or cross you up with their shot direction.  However, once you see the direction that a ball is being hit move with your racquet and shoulders prepared early for a quicker and more efficient ball contact.

3. In doubles, always think that the next ball coming over the net is going to be yours.  That way when a ball does get hit in your direction you have already mentally prepared for the shot and now you will be physically ready to hit it.

These three tips are going to make you a better player well after you successfully hit the ball over the net.  Always remember, the point is never over just because the ball has gone to your opponent’s side of the net!  Good players will make you play more balls so prepare yourself in advance.  See you on the courts!

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