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Presented by Dominic Modise, Camp Director
Nike Tennis Camp at University of Southern Mississippi

Tennis Tip: Preparing for Camp

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Wondering the best ways to prepare for camp this summer? Check out our interview with Coach Dominic Modise, Head Women's Tennis Coach at The University of Southern Mississippi, where he shares his tips on the different ways to get ready for tennis camp!

  1. How many balls/day should campers be hitting before camp?
    Campers should really be hitting for a minimum of an hour a day as tennis is all about repetition. The more you hit, the more comfortable you will be when you get to camp and are working with other kids.
  2. How often should campers be playing matches before camp?
    I’d say ideally at least 2 times per week. This really helps you improve on what you’ve been working on in drilling and again, has you prepared to play against other campers when you get to camp where we have plenty of match play.
  3. Which drills do you recommend before camp?
    I recommend live ball drilling, hitting against each other and certainly cross-court and directional drills, working on control. Players at all levels of tennis, even pros, work on this.
  4. What are the best ways to condition before camp?
    You can practice your footwork on the court and do some mile runs to keep yourself in shape. If you live in a hot environment, try working out around 11:00am to adjust your body to the heat. Also, drink a lot of fluids, rest, as at camps you will be busy all day long, so it’s important to come well-conditioned.
  5. Why is it important to come to camp prepared to play? Because camp goes by so fast, so if you’re ready to go and willing to give it all you can, you can get the most out of the experience. You can enjoy each moment when you come prepared. 

For more great tips from Coach Modise and his amazing staff, come join the fun and get better this summer at the Nike Tennis Camp at University of Southern Mississippi!

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