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Presented by Tim Byram, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Endicott College

3 Volleyball Tips on How To Be a Better Volleyball Player

How To Be A Better Volleyball Player

Volleyball Tips for Beginners and Beyond from Tim Byram, Head Women’s Volleyball Camp at Endicott College. 

Tim Byram will be entering his 17th season in 2017 as Women’s Volleyball Head Coach at Endicott College.  Under his leadership, the team has grown to one of the top teams in both the conference and in New England.  He also coaches the New England Youth High Performance Team, a team of the region’s top 12-17 year old girls.  Byram has also been coaching this Massachusetts volleyball camp since 2001, with camps selling out almost every summer.  Below are three tips on how to get better at volleyball and insight as to what he believes sets apart good and great volleyball players. Get more great tips from Coach Byram at his Nike day and overnight volleyball camps at Endicott College.

1. The key to a good overhand serve.  “While there are several steps or pieces to the overhead serve, I think as players begin to become strong enough to use it, they need to remember to accelerate through the ball. A lot of younger players swing at the ball and slow down at contact. At Nike Volleyball Camps, we're encouraging them to continue to swing or accelerate through the ball to get the power they need.”

2. How to improve service receiving. “There is only one way to really get better and that is reps. I'd encourage newer players to learn to set the platform to the target with as little motion as possible. From a relaxed positions with the arms in front just extend the hands forward to create the angle you're looking for.”

3. How to improve blocking skills. “As you go up in level, you need to pay attention to where the hitters are and identify them before the play. If you know where their approach is coming from, you can adjust your starting position and put yourself in a position to be disruptive to them. Once the ball leaves the setters hands, the eyes really need to be able to come off the ball and find the hitter and then have both the hitter and ball in their focus at the attack. Too often players follow the ball and miss all the clues of the hitter's approach.”

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